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I grew up in Whitehouse, Texas which is right outside of Tyler (East Texas). My parents were very active in our local church and as a result, my 3 sisters and I were too. I really enjoyed growing up in church and feel blessed to have that experience.

Since I grew up in church (and my parents laid a strong spiritual foundation at home), I always knew that God loved me. I always knew that I “loved” Him too. But, things began to “click” for me in my later elementary years. I came to understand the Gospel. The Gospel isn’t about being born into a Christian family that puts you in right standing with God. Rather, it is an acknowledgment of your sin and need for a Savior. It is a response to the Gospel which makes it clear that Jesus is our substitute and sacrifice – the only way to a relationship with the Father. So, in Vacation Bible School (VBS) one summer, I responded in faith to Jesus and was baptized.

In eighth and ninth grade, I began to sense that God was speaking to me to take another step of faith. Assure of my salvation, I wasn’t too sure at first what it was all about. Because of the love and understanding of my mom, youth pastor, and pastor I was able to determine that God was calling me to be a pastor.

During college, I gained a lot of practical experience as I served as pastor of a small country church for all 3 years of school. After seminary, I moved to northwest Tennessee to serve as a youth pastor. During that time Ashley and I reconnected (we graduated high school together) and got married. From there, I went on to serve as a youth pastor in southern Illinois and then Louisiana. Additionally, I served for 8 years as lead pastor at a church plant in Louisiana.

Ashley and I have been married for over 16 years and have four wonderful kids. We love living in middle Tennessee and serving the Gallatin campus of Grace Church.