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I was born in Tennessee, but spent most of my youth moving throughout the Southeast including all over Middle Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and even made a move to Juneau, Alaska with my family when I was in middle school. When asked where I am from, I love to say “a little bit of everywhere”, but refer to Spring Hill, TN as my hometown. My grandparents have a 200-acre farm there that we would always come back to in the transition from one place to another. This was also where my Grandmother poured into me constantly, helping mold the person that I am today. Our family still enjoys holidays and time at “The Farm”, and it holds a special place in our hearts. 

I was raised by an amazing single mom until I was 8 years old, when she married my step-dad, but we never went to church on a regular basis when I was young. What I learned about God came in the form of lessons at private schools that my grandmother sent me to so that I received the best education possible, or the few Sunday School lessons during the summer when I went to church with my dad. The first time I went to church on a regular basis was actually a Youth Group in Juneau! I still have amazing memories of that church! 

While I had accepted Christ in 6th Grade, I didn’t yet fully grasp what that meant, and would spend my young adult years searching for a way to a life routed in Christ. It wasn’t until 2010, when I recommitted my life to Christ and was baptized, that I found my firm foundation in Christ.  

My wonderful husband, Justin, and I are blessed to have three children – Jacob, Cameron, and Ella. Our family loves to spend time together exploring, laughing, loving, learning, and spending time with others! (And as a PSA – my children don’t know a stranger. You have been made aware!) I love watching the joy and authenticity of not only my children, but the children I am blessed to serve, and feel honored to be a part of their discovery and journey towards Christ!